Make a difference with your Smartphone.

If you live in Nepal and are interested in participating in S4W-Nepal as a citizen scientist please contact us or send us an email at  All that is needed is enthusiasm and access to an Android Smartphone; we’ll teach you the rest!  Currently, citizen scientists can participate by measuring rainfall, groundwater levels and quality, surface water levels and quality, land use, and water flow and quality from stone spouts (plus a lot more on the way too!).  Here is a list of steps to get involved:

  1. Install and configure ODK Collect on your Android smartphone
  2. Learn how to take measurements
  3. Build an S4W rain gauge (rainfall)
  4. Start collecting data!
  5. Contact S4W-Nepal with questions about measuring other parameters

We are also interested in partnering with young researchers from early secondary ages through graduate school.  If you would like S4W-Nepal to come and make a presentation (Nepali or English) to your school, college, or university please let us know.  Part of our goal in the Kathmandu Valley is to engage young researchers, and their energy and enthusiasm, with the growing importance of wise water management.