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Outside Stories
Science Chat #23: River Citizen Science – River Collective – December 2020
Delft Meet Regen/Delft Measures Rain – TU Delft – July 2020
Smartphones Help Close Water Data Gaps –¬†Dutch Water Sector¬†– August 2019
PhD Research Outlines Great Opportunities for Citizen Science –¬†VP Delta (Dutch)¬†– July 2019
Mobilizing Young Researchers and Citizen Scientists to Close Water Data Gaps – TU Delft – June 2019
SmartPhones4Water Partners with TU Delft –¬†VP Delta (English) – July 2019
Humans of TU Delft: Jeff Davids –¬†TU Delft¬†– December 2018
The National Hydrologic Warning Council Transmission – NHWC Newsletter – October 2018
SmartPhones4Water: Why Citizen Involvement in Rainfall Measurement is a Good Idea – Online Khabar: English Edition – August 2018
What Flooded Bhaktapur – My Republica – July 2018
I Think I’m Going to Kathmandu: Citizen Science for Freshwater in Nepal –¬†Cool Green Science¬†– January 2018
Citizens Collect Water Data with Smartphones in Nepal Valley – VP Delta (Dutch) – November 2017
Nonprofit Kickstarts Water Data Gathering in Nepal –¬†Environmental Monitor¬†– October 2017
In Pursuit of Data –¬†Forester Magazine – July 2017
Three Generations near the Banks of the Bagmanti –¬†Onset¬†– June 2017
SmartPhones4Water hopes to fill water management data gaps for developing nations – Environmental Monitor – November 2013

Science Stories and Reflections
Citizen Science Groundwater Level Monitoring in the Kathmandu Valley – November 2020
Monsoon in Nepal – August 2020
Citizen Scientists in Action Amidst COVID-19 – July 2020
Recruiting Volunteers for the 2020 Monsoon Expedition – April 2020
A Groundwater Quality Assessment of Bhaktapur Municipality using the Drinking Water Quality Index – November 2019
Sustainable Water Resource Management (Kantipur Engineering College 2019 Conference Review – October 2019
Monsoon Expedition 2019
– June 2019
2018 MoChWo Symposium Review РDecember 2018

Citizen Science 2018 Pre-Monsoon Flow Campaign РAugust 2018
A Report from the 2nd Annual MoChWo Conference РNovember 2017
Data Making a Difference – Flow Measurement at Stone Spouts – August 2017
Collecting Data with SmartPhones and Citizen Scientists – June 2017
Developing a Monitoring Network
– April 2017

Citizen Scientist Interviews and Stories
Meet Sagar Gosai and the Young Researchers’ Circle – July 2020
Meet Yurisha Duwal
 РAugust 2019
Meet Sadam Bala РFebruary 2019
Meet Sanjog Lama РSeptember 2018
Meet Laxmi Bastola РJuly 2018
Meet Sabina Tamang РDecember 2017
Meet Pawan Giri РSeptember 2017
Meet Suraj Ghimire РJuly 2017
Meet Sabina Shrestha РMay 2017

Peer-Reviewed Research
Return Level Analysis of the Hanumante River Using Structured Expert Judgment: A Reconstruction of Historical Water Levels – Water – November 2020
Soda Bottle Science: Citizen Science Monsoon Precipitation Monitoring in Nepal – Frontiers in Earth Science – March 2019
Citizen Science Flow: An Assessment of Simple Streamflow Measurement Methods – Hydrology and Earth System Sciences – February 2019
Quantifying the Connections: Linkages Between Land-Use and Water in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal – Environmental Monitoring and Assessment – April 2018
Continuity vs. the Crowd: Tradeoffs Between Continuous and Intermittent Citizen Hydrology Streamflow Observations – Environmental Management – April 2017

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