Who We Are


SmartPhones4Water (S4W) is a non-profit organization focused on mobilizing young researchers and citizen scientists to quantitatively tell their water stories.  Stories of too little, too much, or too dirty. Practically, this involves generating, managing, and understanding the hydro-meteorological data necessary to support wise water management decisions. S4W = young researchers + citizen scientists + mobile technology. S4W sees water data gaps as educational opportunities. S4W uses a smartphone-based data collection platform to collect data about water with citizen scientists led by young researchers. Advances in mobile technology (e.g., GPS, cameras, etc.) have drastically improved citizen science observations’ accuracy and reliability. In many cases, our approach is more cost-effective than traditional methods and more rapidly scalable. Citizen science has the benefit of building communities’ capacity to understand and manage their water resources, strengthening their connectedness to place. Involving young researchers builds their research capacities and ensures that the improved understanding is locally retained with the academic partner institutions. Data collected by S4W is freely and readily available to the public (https://data.smartphones4water.org) to encourage the next generation of water researchers and managers to rise to the water management challenges before them collaboratively.

Our Mission

You can’t manage a resource, you don’t measure.

We inspire young researchers

To provide real-world, hands-on opportunities to improve the research capacity of young researchers.

We Tell Water Stories

To share compelling and quantitative water narratives of local communities and conditions with stakeholders and decision-makers.

We Mobilize Citizen Scientists

To design, establish and support a global network of citizen scientist led by young researchers.

We Leverage Mobile Technology

To utilize an innovative open-source mobile data collection platform for water monitoring.

We Generate Data

To identify gaps and obtain the data necessary to support wise water management decisions.

Our Introduction Video

Water covers two-thirds of the surface of the Earth, but Fresh water is only 0.002% of the surface of the Earth.

S4W – Rainfall Measurements with ODK (Android devices only)

Your Investment Can Make A Difference

Consider making a tax-deductible donation to S4W (a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) non-profit)
via our new S4W CrowdRise page. Your donation will help employ over 500 local citizen
scientists to generate critical water data in the different countries of
Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe.