Mira Khadka, Jan 2024

Surrounded by Himalayan mountains
gazing at the Milky Way
I was resting in my yellow tent
I heard whispers
and I started walking
I couldn’t tell if I was dreaming or sleepwalking
but I kept hiking through mighty mountains
suddenly I stopped
I saw a gathering
the spirit of mountains and rivers
and animals, plants and birds
gathered for a funeral
a small glacier died
I saw mountains wailing for melting glaciers
and rivers praying to Ganga
they were worried about their future
and the lives of people,
they have been feeding for years
the voices got louder and louder
and I couldn’t stand there, thinking
how ignorant we are
and then I woke up, in my yellow tent
I still hear those voices sometimes
calling me
and I wonder, if there was another funeral

Mira Khadka is a PhD researcher at Carnegie Mellon University, focusing on researching mountain glaciers and their impact on water resources. She is engaged in science communication and is dedicated to raising awareness about climate change. In addition to her academic interests, she finds joy in spending time in nature, enjoys reading philosophy and spirituality books, and finds solace in practicing yoga and meditation. Poetry serves as a means for her to connect with herself, the environment, and the global community.

Cover photo: Pasang Kaji Sherpa

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